LONDON, ONT. -- London's Chief of Police responds to amended provincial regulations, Sunday.

London's Chief of Police, Steve Williams put out a statement Sunday afternoon in response to the amended provincial regulations to the current stay at home order.

Williams says London police will be focusing on the 4 E's in response to the pandemic regulations – engaging, explaining, educating, and enforcing.

"We recognize that the vast majority of Londoners have complied with the Order to-date, and we thank you for that. Further, we remain committed to working with our community partners, City of London By-Law Enforcement and the Middlesex-London Health Unit to make London a safer place," William says in the statement.

Police will continue to disperse gatherings and ticket individuals and businesses who defy the Legislation and stay at home order.

"I have faith that our officers will continue to deliver exemplary service to the community as they do every day and that will include bias-free enforcement of the updated legislation. I am proud of the manner in which every member of the London Police Service has responded to the challenges of policing during the pandemic."

 William says their focus is on public safety while ensuring that members of the community are not putting others in danger.

All COVID-19 related complaints can be emailed to or by calling their Service London line at (519) 661-4660.