How many cats is too many? Two, three? What about 12?

That's the number an east London man has living in his home.

Ken McGill loves cats. He's actively involved in the cat community, both as a judge and a winner of shows across the country.

He lives with 12 Somalis he's been breeding for the last 60 years.

But after a complaint to the city about the number of cats, he's clawing back.

"I find it regretable that this is taking place because it really didn't have to," says McGill.

Mcgill was given a ticket by the City of London under a bylaw that says you can't have more than two cats per adult in the household.

McGill says it's an outdated bylaw and one that needs to be changed.

He wants an exemption for cat breeders like himself, so he's taking his fight to court to bring attention to the issue.

"It can be essentially a win-win for the city, as well as legitimate cat owners and breeders," says McGill's lawyer Rod Refcio.

The city says it is looking at potential changes to animal bylaws right now.

"What we need is balance, and we really do have a balance because our bylaw is very generous in the number of cats you can have in a household," says Orest Katolyk, London's manager of bylaw enforcement.

He's no longer breeding, so all the cats in his home have been spayed or neutered and he's actively trying to find homes for them.

"If people had sat down and talked this thing through, I don't think we'd be where we are today," says McGill.

McGill's court date is October 9th.