Morrissey House owner Mark Serre saw it as a promotion with an important message called "Mind the Gap."

"Certainly with the #MeToo movement and the talk at the Golden Globes last night, we just thought it was kind of an appropriate time to, kind of, start the conversation," says Serre.

It's called "Mind the Gap" takes place every Monday.

Women are offered a 13 per cent discount on their food, reflecting the wage gap which shows women make on average making 13 per cent less than their male counterparts.

Serre says the promotion was getting numerous social media likes, but on Saturday he received an email from a London man.

"Who thought that it was discrimination. And that we couldn't fight discrimination with more discrimination and he thought that he was going to lodge a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission," says Serre.

There have been a number of human rights complaints made on the basis that offering a benefit to women was somehow against men. One notable one was here in London, where the Barking Frog was offering discounted cover charges to women.

In that case, the human rights tribunal dismissed the complaint.

Susan Toth is a lawyer specializing in human rights issues and feels an filing against the Morrissey House would meet a similar result.

"This is a context where the Morrissey House is actually trying to draw attention to a current problem which is a wage gap and the lack of wage parity between men and women. And actually trying to create an environment that says women you are welcome here and we are going to give you a discount based on the fact that, systemically, you are likely to be paid, say around, 80 cents on the dollar. So, to make that sort of discount is not actually creating a prejudice, it's actually addressing a prejudice," says Toth.

Serre admits being disappointed in the email threat but not shocked by it.

"In the online world we live in, there's always going to be some backlash. So, as I say, suprised but not suprised," says Serre.

At this point, no formal human rights complaint has been filed.