LONDON, ONT. -- London police are asking for the public's help locating a suspect wanted in a human trafficking case that dates back six years.

Police say the suspect met the victim in 2014, when she was 15-years-old.

The alleged victim was moved around cities from the Greater Toronto Area and London.

Last month, police say  while in London, the suspect stole her identification and assaulted her during an escape attempt.

On April 29, the victim was able to flee and called the Brantford Police Service, who then sent the matter to London police.

Adil Hosannah, 28, of Ajax, is charged with the following:

  •  Trafficking in persons under eighteen years by exercising control, etc.;
  •  Financial/material benefit/trafficking person under 18;
  •  Procuring/person under 18 years;
  •  Obtaining sexual services for consideration from person under 18 years;
  •  Trafficking in persons by exercising control, etc;
  •  Procuring/recruit person to provide sexual services for consideration;
  •  Material benefit from sexual services;
  •  Withhold/destroy travel or identity document/trafficking person over 18;
  •  Advertising another person’s sexual services;
  •  Obtaining sexual services for consideration;
  •  Sexual assault;
  •  Assault
  •  Possess firearm or ammunition contrary to prohibition order; and
  •  Point firearm.

Adil Hosannah also uses the aliases Keiko and Osama.

He is described as male, Black, approximately 5’5”, 155 lbs., and has short black hair and brown eyes.

Contact police if you have any information.