London police had an increased presence for St. Patrick’s Day activities and officers were needed.

Police and fire officials stopped by several house parties throughout the day and at one, police say a male fell off a roof.

Police say the extent of his injuries are unknown, but he was conscious when he left in an ambulance.

Another party on George Street was shut down by fire officials due to the size of the crowd.

“The London Police Service will maintain a highly visible presence throughout the city throughout the weekend to ensure public safety,” police said earlier in a statement.

“We will be enforcing the laws in regards to open liquor, underage drinking, city by-law offences and ensuring the streets remain accessible at all times.”

Ever since the St. Patrick’s Day riot of 2012 in London, police have been extra vigilant on this day.

In 2012, a crowd of about 1,000 strong started fires, tore apart fences and threw bricks and bottles at emergency responders in a student area near Fanshawe College.

“While we are unable to speak about the specifics of the operational plans for the day, we can say that the London Police Service will have appropriate resources on hand,” the statement said.

Police are also using social media to get out the message of being safe and responsible to revellers.