London residents conducting a face-to-face transaction after an online purchase can now use the police parking lot as a "safe zone."

London police are offering citizens a safe place for internet transactions from sites, like Kijiji and others.

Officers say it the lot is a well-lit “safe zone” for residents.

This initiative has stemmed as a result of a suggestion from a London police member.

Although the London police parking lot is video-monitored 24 hours a day, officers recommend that you conduct any transactions in the daylight, during regular business hours.

The public do not have to call ahead, as police will not be monitoring the transactions.

Members of the public are prohibited from bringing any weapons to the police parking lot or on the premises to conduct their transactions.

The police will not arbitrate any transactions or disputes, unless in extreme circumstances to keep the peace.

Police recommend using these safety tips when meeting a person whom they have bought something from online:

- Always insist to meet in a public place;

- Do not invite strangers into your home, or go into theirs;

- Communicate via email so that a record is kept of all interactions;

- Never go alone, bring a family member or friend;

- When buying or selling high value items, be cautious;

- Always tell someone when and where you’re going; and

- Do not carry large sums of cash on you.