London Police are investigating a pair of incidents involving inappropriate touching on LTC buses.

The first alleged incident happened on April 7 when a girl was riding a bus from the east end of the city.

A man boarded the bus and began a conversation.

That's when he allegedly touched her before getting off the bus in the downtown area.

The second incident happened on April 14 when a girl boarded a bus in the area of Dundas Street and Richmond Street.

The man spoke with her and eventually touched her inappropriately.

No one was hurt in either incidents.

The suspect is described as having a tanned complexion, approximately 5’9” to 6' tall with a medium build.

He is in his mid to late 20s, with brown eyes and short, wavy or curly brown hair.

In both cases he was wearing a brown leather jacket and carrying a backpack.

He may have an accent.

Contact police if you have any information.