London police are now investigating after they received a complaint about abuse that occurred at the Mount Hope Centre for Long-Term Care.

Police received the complaint from the owner of Mount Hope, St. Joseph's Health Care on Thursday.

This comes two years after management at the home learned that nurse Susan Muzylowsky had abused and mistreated residents there.

On Wednesday, CEO and President Dr. Gillian Kernaghan told CTV News that at the time, staff made the judegment call that there was no criminal intent in her actions.

The Ontario College of Nurses says the abuse Muzylowsky inflicted on residents was sexual, emotional and physical.

The identity of the home was made public Wednesday by the same disciplinary panel at the Ontario College of Nurses that had ordered a publication ban on the name of the facility.

CTV News successfully petitioned to have that ban lifted.

During her tenure at Mount Hope, Muzylowsky called residents "pigs" and "whiners."

She also touched or spanked six residents on the buttocks and frequently made derogatory comments in describing residents' genitalia.

On three occasions Muzylowsky rolled a 92-year-old woman over in a rough manner, causing the elderly woman pain.

She also refused pain and Parkinson's medication for other residents.

The college determined that, on one occasion, Muzylowsky said to a resident, "You haven't seen rough yet. I'll give you something to cry about. Quit being a sissy."