There may soon be more London police officers carrying Tasers on the job.

The Ontario government relaxed rules on Tasers last August, putting the decision of which front-line officers can carry stun guns in the hands of local police forces.

On Thursday, the London Police Service announced it plans to equip 113 of its officers with devices starting next year. Currently, only 24 officers in London carry Tasers.

The Taser has long been a controversial weapon, but Sgt. Derek Wood, use of force supervisor for London police, says the Taser is in fact safer than other weapons and that studies show when used, it can significantly reduce injuries to both the officer and subject.

"If a baton is used, the possibility of broken bones could occur. When physical [force] is used, shoulders can be dislocated."

It's based on these studies that London police Chief Brad Duncan has decided it would be good idea to equip more officers with the device, adding that in 24 incidents in 2013, police were able to get the situation under control by simply displaying the Taser.

"The public knows that we use the Tasers, so when a Taser is displayed very often the subject will immediately comply."

While there are those who argue Tasers pose a serious danger to people who are highly agitated, Duncan says it comes down to training.

"A lot of our training is scenario-based, where we actually create situations for instance where we would be dealing with a person with mental illness."

The force must still secure capital funding to the tune of $350,000 to bring in the additional Tasers, but Duncan says his hope is to roll out more Tasers slowly, and to start with more training in 2015.