The family found dead on Thursday after a murder-suicide has been identified by neigbours and friends as Mohammed and Shyroz Walji and their daughter Qyzra.

On Saturday, London police officially released the cause of death as gunshot wounds.

A firearm has been recovered at the scene of the crime and police are treating it as a murder-suicide.

At Oakridge Secondary School, former teachers and classmates are remembering Qyzra, who suffered from cerebral palsy.

Grade 12 student Helen Kim says the news is hard to bear “I’m just so shocked to find that she had to pass away so soon…Qyzra was one of the brightest people.”

Staff and students have set up a memorial for their friend, who graduated in June.

The bodies of Qyzra Walji, her father Mohammed and her mother Shyroz were found in their apartment at 1223 Richmond Street North.

Investigators remained at the scene on Friday trying to figure out how the incident unfolded.

At Oakridge students and staff have been writing their feelings on oak leaves and posting them on a make-shift memorial wall

Qyzra was part of the developmental education program at the school.

Oakridge Principal Tracy Langelaan says there is “shock, devastation, a lot of questions…They’ve rallied together as a staff and supporting one another and supporting the students.”

Those who lived at the apartment building can't believe it either. They say Mohammed was the superintendent up until a short time ago.

Adrienne Rancourt is the new superintendent and believes no one could have seen this coming.

“It’s heartbreaking…he was very polite so it’s very shocking and I’m quite sad that this happened.”

Meanwhile schoolmates and teachers are hoping memories of their friend will help carry them through this difficult time.

“It’s just so unfortunate to not have her anymore,” Kim says.