LONDON, ONT. -- In what is likely a world first the London Police Services (LPS) is all set to deploy its new innovative Rabbit Response Team (RRT).

Consisting of three rabbits rescued in Canada the team will assist the well-known Canine Units with the LPS.

According to police the bunnies will be used in situations when spaces are too small for dogs and officers to crawl into.

Training begins around six to eight months of age and takes about 10 weeks.

For details on their training please visit the LPS website here.

The team has two Belgian Hare Rabbits, and one Harlequin Rabbit.

To be certified, the rabbit must be able to detect hidden items, and be able to remove said items from hiding spaces.

But don’t worry the Canine counterparts have been trained to cohabitate with their furry little partners.

After their work hours (which some days can be 14 hour long days) the rabbits get to go home with their handlers and simply be rabbits.

Finally, the most important thing to note about the new team is this… April Fools!