LONDON, ONT. -- The video starts with a lone singer and grows to include 135 people who are all part of the Amabile Choirs.

Entitled “One Voice,” founder Brenda Zadorsky says it’s meant to be a 35-year anniversary gift to London.

“Amabile was put together so we could enrich our community one voice at a time,” said Zadorsky.

“We’ve been missing our singers, so we thought of a way to re-create ourselves and still move forward with our plans to celebrate the 35th anniversary.”

Organizers wanted to mark the special occasion but due to COVID-19, plans had to change. So conductor Mark Payne put the music video together.

“We got the kids a piano track we sent it to all of them,“ said Payne. “They're not used to singing alone but they turned on their phones and put on some headphones and everybody recorded their vocal part.”

Zadorsky said the message is clear and simple, “Although we're separated, we as Canadians can get together, we are one people, we are one voice.”

Amabile, an non-profit educational organization has about 800 singers comprising nine choirs.

The video is making its world premiere Tuesday on the group's YouTube channel.