LONDON, ONT. -- It is a disturbing video taken Saturday afternoon at the Bamyan Afghan Cuisine restaurant in downtown London.

In it you see an employee at the Richmond Street restaurant verbally abusing a male and female who appear to be customers.

After a racially charged rant he tells them to get out of the premises.

“It's definitely hurting our business,” says Hadayat Beedar, the manager at Bamyan. He says the person at the centre of the controversy is one of the co-owners who has been let go.

“As of right now he is no longer working, we can consider him fired,” says Beedar. “It's between the partners that need to determine what to do, maybe one would buy out the other one, kind of deal.”

London police have been called in to look into the incident.

“So right now we are making efforts to pull the store video from the business owner who is more than happy to provide that to share the other piece that's missing,” says Deputy Chief Trish McIntyre. “We encourage the complainant to come forward.”

Beedar, who was not at the store on Saturday when it happened, says the in-house video is about 12 minutes long.

“They released that video but it’s only one-sided, so I’d like to know what happened on both sides.”

Beedar says Bamyan has been in business on Richmond Row for more than six years and this is the first time something like this has happened.

He says at the moment the man at the centre of it all is not commenting.

“I'd like to see him apologize,” says Beedar, “Offer an apology to the public, especially to our Pakistani brothers and sisters, we look forward to serving them even more and better than before.”