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London, Ont. mother speaks out after witnessing son riding bicycle being struck by car

Andrea Loewen Nair said she is mortified after her teenaged son was struck by a vehicle while they were travelling in the south-end of the city near White Oaks Mall on Monday.

"The driver knocked the bike and my son to the ground, to the pavement, and then proceeded to drive up onto the bike and my son. That's not something you want to see,” said Loewen Nair.

She said a car pulling out of a parking lot turned left and struck her son as they were riding their bikes together.

“There isn't a safe way to cycle from the north end south to White Oaks Mall safely. Protective bike lanes would have prevented all of this,” argued Loewen Nair.

Luckily her son was wearing a helmet, and didn't suffer any serious injuries, but this accident has motivated her to advocate for infrastructure and system improvements to make London streets safer.

City of London Program Manager of Active Transportation, Daniel Hall said the city is trying to expand the cycling network rapidly.

“On Bradley [Avenue] we are actively under construction and it’s the start of a bigger network in the south end of the city,” explained Hall.

Loewen Nair said she's aware there is progress being made, but it isn't fast enough. She would like to city the city move forward with their plans.

"We need links between the existing bike paths…we do already have great bike infrastructure in place, but they stop abruptly, so you've already started riding on this path, and then suddenly its gone, what do you do? Often you're spit out in the middle of a busy road,” said Loewen Nair.

Hall said they are working on expanding and connecting existing bike lanes.

"There's work next year as part of the rapid transit project, on Wellington [Road], to connect multiuse path all the way from Bradley [Avenue] near White Oaks Mall, all the way to the hospitals near Baseline roads,” he explained.

Sept. 22 is World Carfree Day and Loewen Nair said she's challenging the city.

"The mayor and all council members to go completely car free for the day, and that's not car free and stay at home, that’s car free go to the grocery store, go to work, and see what that experience is,” she said.

Loewen Nair started an online survey about bike safety and will be presenting the results to the mayor during a meeting next Tuesday.

You can find that survey on her X, formerly known as Twitter, account @andreamloewen Top Stories

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