LONDON, ONT. -- A crisis has been avoided for the organizers of the Big Bike Giveaway.

Hundreds of Londoners receive free bicycles every year thanks to Shayne and Monica Hodgson.

The London, Ont. couple takes the time to collect, refurbish and give the bikes away to those who need them.

The couple recently learned they were losing their storage space, putting the long-running program at risk of shutting down.

After putting out a public call for help, London developer Shmuel Farhi has stepped up to lend them a heated, 10,000 square foot commercial space to use in the city's downtown.

In a statement, the Hodgsons said they are deeply appreciative of Farhi's kindness.

"We believe that the most valuable character in a person comes out when they take the time to listen to others, hear their stories and help solve their problems. For no particular gain, Farhi spent valuable time with us to do just that, listen and help us solve the greatest challenge in our program since our inception. We're very grateful for his generosity!"

The Big Bike Giveaway has given away hundreds of bikes since 2014. Gently used bicycles can be dropped off at the City of London's EnviroDepots.