LONDON, ONT. -- "The sky’s the limit, it’s truly global growth on an unprecedented level,” says Steve Thomas, the Chief Technology Officer at ZTR.

The company has been in business for over 30 years, when it started, its vision was to service the rail industry, that is a vision that has evolved.

“While our products do serve rail, it’s only a small minutia of what we do.”

Thomas says, the term internet of things or IOT has become it’s own division at ZTR, using tracking technology that not only locates, but sends data about what that equipment is doing.

"We’re talking about millions of things around the globe that our customers really care about. Where’s my stuff, who’s using my stuff, what’s the status of my stuff? We provide all the services, all the software. Our byline is we make complex simple.”

ZTR Control Systems (Supplied)

ZTR Control Systems (Supplied)

Becoming a global leader in that space has ZTR in a position of exponential growth.

“I’m looking to hire about 40 people,” says Thomas. “At the moment ZTR all in is about 230 people with about 100 people in the IOT division alone.”

Software engineering, hardware engineering, quality control are all sectors that are in need, but Thomas says there are peripheral skills they are looking for.

“We’re looking for specific individuals as well that are growth minded, growth oriented, they are transformational in thinking. They need to be excited about that there is a lot of work to do.”

And with the pandemic changing how businesses operate, ZTR is not an exception in that according to Thomas, adopting a work from anywhere model but with a focus on productivity.

“Bring technology and data leadership to the table by using predictive, analytics, machine learning, AI, to intelligently provide value to our customers as it pertains to their own data.”