LONDON, ONT. -- Some colourful new Canada Post trucks will soon be zipping around cities across Canada.

But on Monday afternoon, the London artist who designed the image saw one in person for the very first time.

“I haven’t seen it yet, first time. It’s so much better than I thought it would be, it’s beautifully done,” said Andrew Lewis, a Canadian graphic artist.

President of Canada Post, Doug Ettinger, commissioned Lewis to create a design for the wrapped trucks to show appreciation for employees’ incredible efforts.

In a statement he explained, “When the global pandemic disrupted everyday life, we were there for our fellow Canadians. We put the safety of each other and our customers first. We provided an essential service and much-needed hope by doing what we do best.”

The design is a way of expressing gratitude for front-line workers, who delivered packages to people’s doorsteps throughout the pandemic.

“I hope it instills a sense of pride and serves as a reminder of what we can accomplish when we all pull together,” said Ettinger.

Colourful Canada Post truck

“It is to thank employees, but it is also to thank Canadians. Canada Post had the busiest season at Christmas, millions of packages had to be shipped, well above normal. It is to thank the public for their patience and I think they’ve done a tremendous job,” said Lewis.

There are 37 wrapped trucks with Lewis’ design in 28 different cities across Canada.

A special stamp was also commissioned alongside a hand-painted enamel pin for employees.

Lewis hopes the colourful trucks will brighten roadways along with people’s days.

“It is nice to have this thing zipping around Canada providing some joy and a smile, and from what I have seen it’s working really well.”