Const. Stephen Williams, who pleaded guilty to three misconduct counts last month, will forfeit 70 hours of pay as his punishment.

Supt. Robert J. Fitches handed down his final decision Thursday, though a guilty plea and agreed statement of facts had already been recorded.

Williams, who has been suspended with pay since 2017, pleaded guilty to discreditable conduct and neglect of duty as part of a plea deal that included the pay penalty.

He failed to declare a conflict of interest when he involved himself in a situation involving a childhood friend who was involved in a separation from the complainant, Andrea Agora.

According to the agreed statement of facts, he sent other officers to do a bail check on Agora for personal reasons, involved himself in a criminal case without submitting notes and ran unlawful background checks on Agora.

Agora was represented at the hearing by Megan Walker, executive director of the London Abused Women's Centre, as she could not afford a solicitor.

Walker told the hearing that Agora was receing long-term support and counselling and that she feared losing her child due to Williams' actions, suffering financial and psycholocigal hardships.

Walker also expressed that while Agora did not agree with the penalty, she did want to see the situation resolved.