LONDON, ONT. -- Following a lengthy tribunal process, at times hindered by delays due to COVID-19, a London police constable has been found guilty of discreditable conduct for his harassment of an ex-girlfriend.

Const. Steve Williams has been found guilty of two counts of discreditable conduct for his actions towards his ex-girlfriend, identified only as R.P. in the tribunal report.

The decision from the tribunal was released over the weekend and focuses on three counts of discreditable conduct and one count of insubordination.

The third count of discreditable conduct was dismissed along with the charge of insubordination, which was earlier withdrawn.

Williams will face disciplinary hearings on June 15.

Williams had already plead guilty to the second count of discreditable conduct.

The report, written by retired OPP superintendent Morris Elbers, largely focussed on the first count where Williams was accused of engaging in harassing behaviour in the treatment of a member of the public (R.P.).

The evidence submitted during the hearings largely focused on Williams' relationship and harassment of R.P.

“I find that when you view the totality of the behaviour displayed by Const. Williams by way of texts, calls, emails, unwanted or unannounced attendance of R.P.’s place of work or residence…he was not conducting himself at the high standard of behaviour that is expected of a police officer,” Elbers wrote in his decision.

Elbers also wrote that he had “no doubt that the Service’s reputation would be tarnished as a result of the actions of this officer.”

London police could not comment on the decision as the hearing process is not yet complete.