LONDON, ONT. -- It's a heart wrenching appeal, as a London nurse posted on Facebook heading into her emergency room shift at Victoria Hospital.

"We have a five day supply of just the simple surgical face mask, the mask with the shield. We have 11 days left of our N95 masks, the most common one we use. So we're in trouble, says an emotional Stacey Brown.

Brown posted the video shortly after learning about shortages of protective equipment.

Brown went on to demonstrate homemade head coverings that friends and family are making to stop the mask straps from cutting into her ears.

Brown also has homemade face masks and uses HEPA filters from a vacuum to insert into the mask.

She gets emotional questioning why more protection isn't available, saying hospital leadership at the London Health Sciences Centre and senior levels of government should have done more.

"This shouldn't be up to the community. It shouldn't be up to our family and our friends to make us protective equipment. So we can be safe while we go into work to do our jobs. No matter what our job is in there."