It’s often that in moments of tragedy stories of kindness and generosity will emerge, and that has certainly been the case in the days following the explosion in Old East Village.

Stories of businesses and individuals stepping up to help those affected have been heard since the night of the blast.

The London Muslim Mosque is the latest in a long line of groups and organizations stepping up to help.

The Mosque on Oxford Street will be holding a barbeque on Sunday August 25th in support of the victims.

With a tag line of “Meet, Eat, and donate,” the event will run from 12-3 p.m.

Tuesday night more than 500 people packed the Aeolian Hall for a benefit concert in support of OEV.

It was a week ago that a car crashed into a home on Woodman Avenue striking a gas meter. Minutes later the house exploded causing several others to catch fire.

The event made national headlines and left several people displaced. Multiple homes had to be demolished, and the community continues to try to pick up the pieces.