A man and woman from London are facing charges after a St. Thomas homeowner discovered several pieces of jewelry had been stolen.

St. Thomas police say the incident happened in mid-December when furniture was being delivered to a residence in the city's south end.

The homeowner reportedly did not supervise the movers the whole time they were in the residence, and five days later discovered four rings and a chain had been stolen from a jewelry box in th emaster bedroom.

Following an investigation, St. Thomas police recovered two of the rings and the chain and arrested two people in London.

A 32-year-old London man has been charged with being unlawfully in a dwelling, theft under $5,000 and trafficking in stolen property.

A 29-year-old London woman has been charged with trafficking in stolen property and possession of stolen property under $5,000.

No information on the company involved has been released. The original police release can be found here.