A London mother is grateful for the help of the public after her son suffered a traumatic brain injury following a dispute on a Vancouver, B.C. street, but is hoping for just a little more.

Marybelle Campbell's son Alex Lozanski remains in a west coast hospital and will only be able to return to London via a medical flight.

"I think only a mother could imagine how hard it is seeing your child laying there, no matter what age he is."

Lozanski, 30, grew up in London and lived in the city until moving west a few years ago.

Already dealing with life challenges, he was injured in a dispute on a Vancouver street in September 2014.

Police say a man struck Alex in the head. Campbell explains "One punch, he falls to the sidewalk and he's severely brain damaged."

Doctors tell Campbell his injury is so severe it's unclear if he recognizes her and he will require constant care.

Lozanski's family and friends would like to see him return Ontario where they can help support him, but transportation is not something government health care will cover.

And the cost of a medical flight to bring him home? About $35,000.

For now the family continues to fly back and forth from London to Vancouver, an added stress for everyone.

And for the future Campbell has hope, "I don't know how much he's going to improve, but I would just hate to think he's going to be like this for the rest of his life."