They say politics makes strange bedfellows.

That might just be the case with a quartet of local mayoral candidates who've formed an alliance.

Each of them is vying for the same job.

Dennis Perry, Steve Gardner, Jim Kogelheide and Alex Main.

Four self described members of the working class who want to be mayor of London.

"When you want to take the bull by the reins you dont sit there and go running behind grab it by the horns you go for it and you go all the way," says Alex Main.

The four mayor wannabes say they came together out of frustration that three leading contenders were getting all the attention.

They're hoping to tap into the 60% of voters who did not come out to the polls last time around.

"Hopefully we can inspire those voters to come out and say hey you have options, you have another option other than the three front runners," says Steve Gardner.

They work together by keeping each other in the loop about campaigning opportunities.

"We all have unique individual voices. But we all are working together and we are committed to raising the bar raising the standard for how politicians behave," says Jim Kogelheide.

It's hard enough trying to breach city hall as an unknown candidate and that it takes a small fortune to execute a serious campaign.

Former city controller Gord Hume says a campaign can cost about $100,000, and without a substantial war-chest, strength in numbers wont matter.

"Voters are going to make their decision on who can best be mayor of London and run the city council. And the reality is that it's not going to be one of the fringe candidates and it's unlikely that it will be an alliance or that will have much impact on the final vote for mayor of London," says Hume.

None of the four has political experience but they see that as a plus.

"Having a mayor that hasn't been in the political arena means that you can trust that they're not in someone's back pocket," says Dennis Perry.

Alliance members say they're planning a fun challenge to the better known candidates.

But are not yet prepared to reveal details.