A 24-year-old London man pleaded guilty related to a crash that killed a young woman on Western University's campus.

Jared DeJong pleaded guilty to over .80 mg. blood/alcohol causing death in court on Wednesday.

Andrea Christidis, 18, died in hospital two days after she was hit by a vehicle while walking on campus in October.

During the reading of statement of facts, DeJong wiped away tears.                                                                                                           

Friends and family in the courtroom were consumed by emotions and crying loudly, some having to leave the court as they heard of efforts to save Christidis.

"He wishes this never happened," defence lawyer Jim Dean said after Wednesday's hearing.

"He's extremely remorseful, he feels horrible for what's happened, for what the victim's family is going through, for what happened to the victim," Dean said.

Christidis's mother, Georgia Christidis, said the family is going have to cope with the loss for the rest of their lives.

"Why did this happen to our beautiful, intelligent, and kind daughter who had so much to live for, so much love to share, and so many dreams and aspirations to fulfil?" she said.

Victim impact statements will be heard on April 28 and a sentence is expected shortly after.

CTV’s Gerry Dewan is at the courthouse: