A Londoner is hoping his efforts will draw attention to the plight of those trapped by war in Syria.

Thousands have died in Syria and thousands more have fled and as winter has set it, conditions are miserable.

Halim Sbenati was in Victoria Park Saturday in the cold with only a tent.

Earlier in the week, he camped out at Western University.

“Initially I wanted to do it for twelve hours, but I only lasted three and a half,” Sbenati says.

He’s campaigning for Syrian refugees who live like this on a daily basis.

“I saw some children suffering without any clothes. I wanted to do something about it,” he says.

His friends are supporting him while he’s in London. He is currently studying in Australia.

Dalal Dahrouj says Sbenati has become very passionate about the Syrians.

“He has been working tirelessly, on his vacation time actually, to make sure that people are getting at least aware of what's happening in Syria.”

The United Nations has appealed to donors and is seeking $6.5 billion for the refugees, but have fallen short so far.

“So 30 percent has to be covered somehow and I felt a responsibility to do that and I'm able to do it, so why not.”

With the wind chill feeling as cold as -19 C today, Sbenati has definitely set himself up for a challenge.

“It's an excellent way to at least identify or relate to the experiences that these people are going through,” Dahrouj says.

Sbenati hopes to raise $80,000, which would be enough to help 800 families. He is raising it through Islamic Relief Canada.

“If I raise that money for Islamic Relief Canada, I know where it's going and I know that a lot of the portion is going to go to those who actually need it.”

His total right now is $13,000.

Visit the Winter Refugee Facebook page for more information.