There's some good news regarding a London man facing removal from Parkwood Hospital whose road to recovery is far from over.

Jeff DeMelo, 32, suffered from a blood infection in February that led to a coma, paralysis and several months in intensive care.

Parkwood Hospital was set to discharge DeMelo Oct. 1, despite the need for more rehab and the fact empty beds were on his ward.

“How is it that they can just send somebody home in the condition that they're in?” he wonders.

DeMelo's condition means he needs two staff to turn him twice a night and two staff and a mechanical lift to move him out of bed. He needs help with feeding, dressing and raising his arms.

It’s help his wife can't deliver, especially not with three small boys at home.

But thanks to a piece done by reporter Cristina Howorun on Sept. 22, DeMelo is now being allowed to stay for an additional six months at Parkwood.

Once that is up, hospital officials will re-evaluate his case.

CTV London wishes Jeff a full and speedy recovery.