Police have charged a London man with arson following an incident in the south end of the city.

Around 4:45 p.m. on Saturday, emergency crews were called to an address in the area of Parliament Crescent and Millbank Drive for a fire call.

Police say a former occupant of the home returned to the address to obtain some property.

Prior to leaving, the occupant allegedly set a fire in the house, obtained a set of keys to a vehicle and left.

The vehicle was stopped by police a short time later on Bradley Avenue and the driver was arrested.

Only minor damages were caused by the fire and no one sustained any injuries.

Twenty-two year-old Gregory Dakin of London is charged with:

  • 1 count of arson - disregard for human life contrary to section 433(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada
  • 1 count of unlawfully in a dwelling contrary to section 349(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada
  • 1 count of take motor vehicle without consent contrary to section 335(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada and,
  • 2 counts of breaching an Officer In Charge release contrary to section 145(5.1) of the Criminal Code of Canada.