LONDON, ONT. -- London police are concerned there may be more potential fraud victims after three people were allegedly bilked out of thousands of dollars over the last year.

Police claim the incidents began in May of 2019 when the accused said he worked for a metal fabrication company and offered to repair a broken railing for one of the alleged victims.

According to police, no work was ever done after a deposit was paid.

The second incident took place in June of 2019 when another person discussed home renovations with the accused through a social media platform.

A deposit was e-transferred but no work was ever done and the alleged victim never heard from the accused again.

In November of 2019, police say the suspect spoke to a woman on social media and offered her a large return if she agreed to invest in his metal company.

According to police, the two met in-person and she gave the accused money and never heard from him again.

Londoner Michael Loiselle, 37, is charged with two counts of fraud over $5,000 and one count of fraud under $5,000.

He is to appear in court in June to answer to the charges.

Police are urging anyone who may be a possible fraud victim to contact them.