LONDON, ONT. -- Powerful words echoed through council chambers Tuesday night as Councillor Mo Salih addressed anti-black racism here in London.

“Here in London we have an ugly history, and we continue to operate in a system that needs to change,” said Salih.

Salih said city council has a lot of work ahead of it to address anti-black racism and that racism in the United States do not stop at the border.

He added that politicians owe it to black Londoners to build a city where they are no longer scared, angry, or upset.

“London isn’t innocent. Anti-black racism is here and at times it even thrives. You all can’t see my face right now, but it’s the face of a black man who is joining millions of black men and women who are grieving. It’s the face of a black man that says I’m tired, and tired of waiting. I’m tired of having to have the same conversations about anti-black racism. It’s the face of a black man saying enough is enough.”

Over the weekend fellow councillor Maureen Cassidy took to twitter to address some of the treatment she has seen Salih and councillor Ariella Kayabaga endure during their times on council.

Meanwhile protests continued in the United States Tuesday following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

With files from CTV's Daryl Newcombe and Justin Zadorsky.