London is one of 19 cities where Canada’s National Ballet School is bringing its National Audition Tour 2016/17. The city’s young dancers are auditioning all morning on Saturday, Jan. 7 at the “Dare to Dream” tour held at the Dance Steps Studio on Colborne Street.

Dance students from grades 6 to 12 as well as high school graduates are hoping to get into the school’s professional ballet program. In a specially designed ballet class, dancers are assessed for quality of movement, coordination and overall suitability for the demands of classical ballet. Out of 1000 dancers across the country who audition each year, the school only accepts 50 into its full-time residential program.

The NBS is also offering open classes as an outreach component of the tour. The classes are aimed at junior and senior dance students regardless of their intent to audition for the full-time program.

Canada’s National Ballet School has been training professional dancers and teachers since 1959. NBS alumni can be found as dancers, teachers, choreographers and artistic directors in over 80 dance companies and schools around the world.