The London Humane Society is investigating after a cat was shot, requiring it to have its leg amputated.

Jade the cat returned home from escaping its Westmount area home last week.

It had a noticeable limp.

Jade's owner noticed the limp and took it to the veterinarian.

"It was so heartbreaking to see her come in and limp and not be able to eat or do anything," says Diane Eade, Jade's owner.

X-rays showed that the cat had a foreign object in its leg.

Jade needed to have its leg amputated. That successful surgery took place on Monday.

"She got shot with a pellet gun and the bb pellet was in her leg and it shattered her bone. So we had to arrange for her to go to the animal hospital to have her leg amputated. They couldn't even put pins or nothin in it because it was shattered so badly," says Eade.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call the London Humane Society at (519) 451-0630.

"Because it's obviously willful harm that's been created for this animal, federal criminal code charges can be laid as well as ospca act charges can be laid," says Judy Foster with the London Humane Society.