The latest figures from the 2016 census show income growth in Ontario was the worst in the country between 2005 and 2015.

London had the second lowest median income at $64,743, compared to the provincial average of $74,287.

Statistics Canada says the country's most populous province saw its median household income rise by just 3.8 per cent over the last decade to $74,287 thanks to a decline in manufacturing.

The automotive hub of Windsor fared worst of all of Ontario's cities, with median household income actually dropping 6.4 per cent.

London also had the third higest rate of children living in low-income homes compared to other cities across the country. Some 22.2 per cent of kids are living in low-income homes locally.

In total there were 4.8 million Canadians living in a low-income household in 2015, and nearly one in four were children.

The proportion of low‑income persons who are children has been dropping though since the mid‑1990s, when close to one in three low‑income persons were younger than 18.