Talk about a winter wallop!

According to Environment Canada, London received at least 30 centimetres of snow overnight.

The snow is attributed to a stubborn line of squalls coming off of Lake Huron and residents shouldn't get too comfortable either, as more of the white stuff is on the way before the system moves to the east by early Sunday evening.

Environment Canada is predicting another 15 centimetres of snow could fall across the London region on Sunday.

That is on top of the dumping the region has experienced.

It all depends on where you live in the city, parts of west London have already seen up to 70 cm.

A snow squall warning is currently in effect for London-Middlesex, and Huron-Perth.

Meanwhile, both London city police and OPP are asking motorists to stay off the roads if possible.

City crews are working on clearing the main streets first and will then move on to side streets.

Dozens of vehicles have been stuck in snowbanks around the city, even ambulances, tow trucks and LTC buses.