LONDON, ONT. -- London hair studios and spas are receiving a lot of attention these days once the province announced on Monday they could reopen for business since being closed during the pandemic.

“People just want to get in like I mean people have lots of roots, they need lots of work done,” said Fayez Tamba, the owner of Fayez Spa. “We're getting tremendous phone calls, we can't even handle that many.”

He says the COVID-19 precautions are in place and his spa is set to open its doors on Monday.

“We did all those guards on the manicure tables, guards on the pedicure tables and also we do fogging to generally sterilize the whole spa every evening after closing.” said Tamba.

Across town on Richmond Row, Salon Entrenous has also been swamped with calls.

“It's impossible to even make an outgoing call the phones have not stopped ringing.” said Lisa Sallabank, the owner of Salon Entrenous.

They are putting in final safety touches so they can open on Friday.

“We’re excited to open, “ said Sallabank. “We have glass going up in front of the reception and masks for all of our clients to wear during their appointment. “

Both Sallabank and Fayez want to ensure safety at their businesses so they can remain open for the long run after being closed for three months.