LONDON, ONT -- From the planning stage in February to the construction over the summer, the greenhouse at the London Food Bank is about to get a lot greener.

“We're going to grow about 80,000 pounds of food a season, that’s a season not the year,” said Glen Pearson from the Food Bank. “At any time they're here there will be 15,000 plants growing.”

The structure was able to take shape because former city planner John Fleming who is now a volunteer, led the way.

“What a community effort that has lead to the construction of this facility to feed Londoners who really need that,” said Fleming.

Several businesses helped out including Lowe’s Canada and LiUNA. “The construction union put this together without a fee and Lowe’s supplied materials,” said Fleming.

The London Food Bank is hoping that this project can now be used as a template across the city for those who want to help.

“We've already had some folks approach the food bank that are interested in building a greenhouse on their own site to grow food for hungry Londoners,” said Fleming.

The completion comes in the midst of the food bank’s Thanksgiving Virtual Food Drive.

“When COVID started we were helping 25 agencies, now we're helping almost 50 and they need fresh food and that's where this will be going to,” said Pearson.