LONDON, ONT. -- Two London Police Service detectives have invented a product which they believe will improve officers efficiency and safety when working at night.

"The Nite Write notebook holder incorporates the standard police duty book within and has a light which is integrated into the holder itself," says Det.-Const. Gary Pieters, with the London Police Service (LPS) and co-president of Nite Write.

"There is five red LED lights which allows the user to keep their night vision."

Pieters partnered with fellow LPS officer Det. Pat MacInnis on the microfiber-leather holder which they say allows officers in field to not only keep one hand free, but improve peripheral vision.

Officers Pat MacInnis, left, and Gary Pieters
Officers Pat MacInnis, left, and Gary Pieters show off their Nite Write notebook holder invention in London, Ont. on Monday, Oct. 26, 2020. (Brent Lale / CTV News)

"Most officers will have to take their flashlights out and tuck it under their armpit and focus on keeping it there without dropping it," says MacInnis.

"That light illuminates the officer and he's now a potential target. It also means the officer is focusing on that flashlight and now he's not watching his surroundings."

The LPS has already jumped on board by purchasing 1,000 units, and Strathroy, Western University and Fanshawe College have also come on board.

"The outreach and feedback has been amazing so far," says Pieters. "There is nothing like it out there. Our goal is to have this as a unit-issued kit that each police officer will have this throughout the course of their duties."

The pair have shown this notebook holder to many officers and the feedback has been positive.

"The officers are amazed by it, and they can see themselves using it in the field," says MacInnis. "It's a simple product but no one has thought of it before."

The cost of the book is $30, and for more information on the Nite Write, you can email: