After four years behind bars, a London couple charged with allegedly confining and torturing their developmentally challenged roommate are free.

Cynthia Anderson and Johnathon Rick were charged with a total of 10 counts including forcible confinement in August 2011.

In the end, Justice Andrew Goodman only found them guilty of aggravated assault in connection with scalding their developmentally challenged roommate with boiling water at their south London apartment.

Frances Brennan is the lawyer for Rick, who quickly left the courthouse after being released.

"I would say he's in shock. He's shocked by the findings and the outcome today," says Brennan.

"There was talk of a life sentence at one point. I don't think any of us can understand the weight of that lifted off your shoulders," she added.

Vikram Singh represents Anderson who was also released by the court after spending the past four years in jail.

"This has been a four year plus ordeal and there's going to be a period of time for her to transition back into the community," says Singh.

The case is still far from over, even though they've been released, Rick and Anderson will be back in court on Nov. 10 for sentencing on the aggravated assault conviction.