A London couple is only three years away now from setting a Canadian record based solely on love.

Frank and Dolina Pratt are marking their 78th wedding anniversary, making it nearly the longest marriage ever in Canada.

If you ask 98-year-old Frank 97-year-old Dolina how they made it work for so many years, they'll both remind you never to forget the little things.

Frank says "Kiss her goodnight, every night," and sometimes even during the day.

It seems simple, but in many ways it is straight-forward romance that has maintained Frank and Dolina's marriage for 78 years.

The couple first met at Gibbons Park in summer of 1934, a moment Frank still remembers as if it was yesterday.

He says "[Dolina] hasn't changed too much, she used have dark hair though!"

The couple has spent their entire married life in London and, until this past summer, lived in their own home.

You'd think raising six children would have put stress on a marriage, but despite the odd quarrel the couple says love has endured.

"I just tell her I love her, " Frank says. "I love him...very much," Dolina replies.

And while they have been able to make their love last, the Pratts aren't sure how to encourage young couples today.

Dolina says "Seems to me, from what I hear, that it's not the same."

But Frank has some tongue-in-cheek advice, "Just don't look at anybody else."

And as Dolina points out, don't forget the anniversary gift, "It' better be good!"

The pair will be celebrating the milestone anniversary with family on Saturday.

And for the record, the longest-married couple in Canada was together for 81 years.