LONDON, Ont. - A London police officer has been found guilty following a Police Services Board hearing on Monday.

Wesley Reeves, a five-year constable with the London Police Service, was found guilty of one count of insubordination and four counts of discreditable conduct.

London police Chief Steve Williams says, "It's been a long process but clearly we are pleased with the decision. It's a situation where the member involved, Mr. Reeves, did not live up to the standards of integrity and trust."

The misconduct charges stem from multiple incidents over an 18-month period that ended with his arrest in 2017.

The agreed statement of facts, which was part of Reeves' guilty plea, stated 23 uses of the police database for personal reasons -- including cocaine, marijuana and steroid use.

Reeves has been given seven days to resign or he will be dismissed from the service. He can also appeal the decision.

Nick Cake, Reeves' attorney, says, "He's going to go home tonight and speak with his support system, his family that love him. He's got officers who respect him and who are there to have his back and he'll figure it out."