A London company has been fined for failing to comply with approvals for air and waste disposal.

Orgaworld Canada Ltd. was fined $60,000, after the company allegedly discharged odour and failed to keep all doors in the building fully closed, contrary to the Environment Protection Act.

In September 2011, the ministry received a number of complaints from employees of a nearby business about an odour.

“Environmental protection legislation protects communities and the environment. Breaking these rules can result in serious penalties and is an offence the ministry takes very seriously”, said Environment Minister Jim Bradley.

Ministry staff investigated and confirmed the off-site odours and that the origin of the odours was the Orgaworld facility.

The company was also finedvictim fine surcharges of $15,000 and was given 90 days to pay the fines.

Orgaworld was also convicted under the Environmental Protection Act in 2012 and is still facing more charges under the EPA.