LONDON, ONT. -- Two students at Lord Dorchester Secondary School are going above and beyond to help minimize the stress that school can sometimes bring.

Tayah De Jong and Sarah Kipp launched a weekly program at their school called “Wellness Wednesday.”

“Wellness Wednesdays are little fun activities set up outside our cafeteria to make school a little bit easier,” said De Jong. “It’s meant to make school more fun and exciting”

The teens decided to run the program as part of their FLEx class to improve mental wellbeing of students at the school

The students take time out of their day on Wednesdays to set up activities that all LDSS students can participate in. They have organized activities like cookie decorating, bath bomb making and table tennis. Heading into the holiday season, Wellness Wednesdays have been a great opportunity to spread holiday cheer.

The school had attempted in the past to offer mental health support but students weren’t participating. This program was launched in September of this year in an effort to get more students interested.

The program has been a huge success.

The hope now is that some of the younger students will follow the lead of De Jong and Kipp to continue this program for many more years to come.