LONDON, ONT. -- Members of London’s fitness and retail communities are expressing shock after a well-known London businessman was charged in a stabbing incident last week.

“Closed until further notice” is what the sign in the window say at the Herc’s Nutrition outlet at Huron Street and Highbury Avenue in London. It’s one of two London franchises owned by Derek Boyd.

Boyd, 36, is charged with attempted murder in connection with a stabbing incident in front of Little Falls elementary school in St. Marys last Wednesday.

Neighbours in the northeast London plaza were shocked when they made the connection. “I saw the name. I was like, ‘Oh Derek, no way,'” said Jacob Kubicki, who works at the pizza place next door to Herc’s. “He was just such a really nice guy to me. He would give me a couple discounts on the protein shakes.”

Another employee, Jacob Boese, described Boyd as friendly, and said he came in for pizza sometimes.

“I was pretty shocked 'cause I seen the photo and the article and everything and I really didn't believe it was him until I went to the store and I seen it was closed down and everything. I really didn't believe it, honestly. Like Jacob was saying earlier, he's a really nice guy.”

Boyd is well known in the local fitness community. In a social media account last month, Boyd posted that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and was selling hoodies to raise funds.

He's also a registered sex offender, stemming from a conviction for sexual assault with a weapon in 2006.

It’s a part of his background his neighbours in the shopping plaza were not aware of. “Everybody at the store messaged each other right away,” said Boese. “We were like, 'Do you think it's him?' We didn't believe it, honestly.”

Boyd is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

A publication ban has been placed on the identity of the victim in last week's attack.