LONDON, ONT -- What started as a fun video for his staff and students has become a viral sensation one local elementary school principal never expected.

“You never really know where your message is going to end up,” reflects Andy Orr, principal of Harrisfield Public School in Ingersoll Ont.

At the behest of his vice principle, Orr recorded a parody of I will Survive by Gloria Gaynor with a focus on the challenges of teaching online during the pandemic.

What came next Orr never expected. Within five days of posting his video to social media he had more than 150,000 views on Facebook alone.

“It’s kind of inspired me, I’ve gotten so many emails and text messages from people I haven’t heard from in forever,” said Orr.

While the attention may have been unexpected, Orr has kept his mind on what he feels is most important in all of this, and that’s being there for his students.

“I think it goes a long way for kids to actually see us, albeit on a screen, but to still see us smiling, wanting to reach out, wanting to connect, it’s really important,” said Orr.

He also says that he hopes his video can just make someone’s day.

Upon speaking with CTV News he reflected on learning that his video made a difference for so many people, but it was his staff and students who inspired him.

“To see them, just take on this whole new way of teaching and learning, I am just so impressed,” said Orr.

As for himself he is already thinking of another parody song, and is even considering a YouTube channel. However, when asked what might be next - he wasn’t giving much away.

“I’m drawing on some inspiration from the period of the 1980s, I’ll say that.”