LONDON, ONT. -- This local musician has a sound you may have never heard.

Nineteen-year-old singer and Fanshawe College student, Deja, is winning over the ears of strangers by leading with her Jamaican background.

"I love music because it's just in my blood, everyone in my family just loves to sing and dance."

Deja first fell in love with music in her living room, listening to old records with her mother as a young child.

"Well my mom has always played Jamaican artists, my background is Jamaican, so I have always tried to incorporate what they sing and how they write into my modern day music, it kind of helps to make me different and not do what everyone else is doing."

Now she’s launching her first single, ‘All the Time.’

Deja says she is hoping to influence the London music scene for good.

"Coming down here to London, I know not everyone is into reggae, into dance hall, so I know if I can incorporate that into R&B...I know I can make a big difference.”

Along with a new single - she has advice for others who may be fearful to follow their dreams .

“Keep going, just be positive. Once you believe in yourself nothing else can bring you down, even if you feel like you’re not sure just go with it, you never know what could happen.”