Emmett Greco and Aleena Khatib never saw their fifth birthdays, thanks to a rare heart disorder called Myocarditis.

And their moms don’t want what happened to them, happen to you.

They’re organizing Aleena and Emmett’s Myocarditis Walk-A-Thon for next Saturday at the Morrison Dam near Exeter.

Myocarditis is a condition where the muscular walls of the heart become inflamed. Sometimes it’s caused by an infection or reaction to medication.

The symptoms are subtle and similar to the flu. They can include feeling weak or tired, a fever and/or simply feeling unwell.

In Aleena’s case, she was sent home from the hospital several times because it was believed she had the flu.

Unfortunately, she never got better.

And young Emmett was only eight days old when Myocarditis took his life.