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Michaels on the Thames closing its doors

A quintessential London restaurant is closing its doors after a final New Year ’s Eve celebration. Founded in 1983, Michaels on the Thames as it’s known now will close its doors “for a few weeks for a refresh and renovations,” and will reopen in the new year under new owners and a new name.

Michaels on the Thames. (Source: Facebook)

London police officer charged with assault

A London police officer is charged by his own service following off-duty incidents dating back to 2018. According to police, the off-duty officer and a women got into an argument on Monday and the officer allegedly threatened the woman and physically assaulted her — property in the home was also damaged.

(Bryan Bicknell/CTV News London)

Tattoo artist offering free cover up of hate symbols

Every day Jorden, a Norfolk County resident, carries around a symbol of his former life he wishes he could erase — it is a tattooed hate symbol he acquired while trying to survive prison. But for the next two months, tattoo artist John Champagne is offering free sessions to transform tattoos of hate into scenes of humour and acceptance.

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