LONDON, ONT. -- The 2020-21 school year is not complete yet but the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) and London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) are asking families to decide on a model of learning within the next couple weeks.

The LDCSB has so far only set a date for secondary enrollment (May 6) while the TVDSB is asking all families to decide by May 13

“We realize that making the decision now may be challenging for some families,” said Mark Fisher, TVDSB Director of Education in a release. “The choice that families make for each child will be a commitment for the full year.”

Much like the current school year families will have to decide between in-person learning or full-time remote learning, but as Fisher indicated the decision will be for the full year.

According to Fisher movement between learning models can cause disruptions to many students including those not changing learning models.

The notice to families comes at a time when schools are shuttered indefinitely to in-person learning.

Kristina Courey a mother with kids in the Thames Valley Board says, “It's a good option for parents who are worried for their kids safety, but for me and my kids, I prefer them in the physical school.”

Craig Smith with the EFTO local says, “It really indicates we're not planning to be out of the pandemic in September.”

"Full remote learning is a necessary option in the context of the pandemic, but it's not the first option that I think everybody would want and I think I would include students, parents and teachers in that,” added Smith.

Families will receive a document called “Getting Ready for September 2021" to help inform their decisions.

The board noted that French Immersion programs will only be in-person.

For their part the LDCSB is asking families with secondary school aged children to make their selection by May 6.

For more information on virtual enrollment for LDCSB secondary schools follow this link. 

Like their TVDSB counterparts French Immerson is not included in remote learning.

The music extension program is also excluded. 

There is currently no form for elementary students at this time.