LONDON, ONT. -- Twenty-seven cases of COVID-19 have been linked to a single nail salon in Kingston, which has caused some concerns to grow around businesses like tattoo parlous.

Tattoo artist from True Love Tattoo, Anthony Veilleux, has been sanitizing his workstation before and after each client since he became an artist.

He adds that professional tattoo shops in general are equipped to prevent any instance of cross-contamination, well before the pandemic hit.

“There’s very little change for us to be honest. The idea of cross-contamination and nothing having touched the previous client is ever going to touch the current client is a process we have all dealt with since we began tattooing,” said Veilleux.

The difference is that clients, managers and artists have to wear a mask at all times.

Clients also have to make an appointment ahead of time at True Love Tattoo shop, and people are not allowed to bring a support system in with them.

This rule is in place to abide by the governments decision to only allow ten people in a room at a time.

Tarissa De La Torre, store manager, is working to curb the jitters of clients who may be nervous about getting some ink alone.

“We are telling people that they can FaceTime somebody…send pictures, whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better,” said De La Torre.

De La Torre also said that the store limits how many people can be in the waiting room and each person is screened before they enter.

Cam was one person waiting in line to get a dragon tattoo from Veilleux, and he had no hesitation about going under the needle.

“I find no need to be worried, plus everyone is wearing a mask so there is less risk,” Cam said.

All the equipment at the parlour including the soap, power cords and seats are covered and replaced when a new client enters the tattoo room.

Over at Dundas place, Addictive Tattoo shop is open for tattoo clients and clients who want to get a piercing.

Owner, Jacqui Gallant tells CTV that there are some restrictions as to where you can get a piercing due to COVID-19 safety measures.

“We are allowed to pierce ears….and anything below the neck,” said Gallant.

That means that a person can not get any piercing on their face such as a nose, lip or eyebrow piercing.

People are also screened before they can enter the shop and cannot come inside unless they have a mask on.

The shop’s doors are also locked and a person has to call the desk before they can enter.

“They need to supply their own masks, they’re also not allowed to bring a support system with them and we’re lucky that our stations are far apart so we can keep the social distance,” said Gallant.

Gallant also requires people to call ahead of time before making an appointment, but said that the shop will take walk-ins as long as they are wearing a mask and pass the screening process.