LONDON, ONT. -- A Listowel Ont. woman and fitness professional says her son inspired her to break the Guinness world record for the most chest to ground burpees.

"My nine-year-old son Andrew brought home the Guinness Book of Records one day and that's what gave me the idea," says Alison Brown, owner of New U Personal Training Studio in Listowel, in a statement.

The previous record was set earlier this year by an American woman with 716 burpees in one hour, and Brown broke that mark on July 12 with 730.

"I'm pretty excited," says Brown.

Video evidence was submitted to Guinness and on Friday, Brown received an email notification that she in fact is the new record holder after judges evaluated her efforts. An official certificate will be couriered to her in the coming days.

"I know a lot of people aren't fans of burpees, but I love them," mused Brown.

Her business had to be shut down for five months because of COVID-19 and that also inspired her to break the record.

"I just wanted to show to my three sons that even in these crazy times, no matter what, you have to keep going and getting back up," says Brown.